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Saint Joseph's College celebrates its 60th anniversary on August 27th - 29th, 2010.
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fetaLinoCongratulation and happy 60th Anniversary St Joseph's College thank you for the memories and preparing us to face the challenges in life. Here we are today standing PROUD because of you St Joseph's if it wasn't for you we wouldn't be where we are today thank you so much, ao mo'omo'oga ma faamanuiaga mai Auckland New Zealand. Ia faamanuia pea le Atua soifua ile laumua pele ile loto male agaga ma Tausisi i mea Aupito lelei... From the Feta (SJC 2000-2003) and Lino (SJC 2001-2003) Lealaiauloto (House:Dieter Power)
Belated Happy 60th Anniversary SJC and also to the Marist old boys association.;) It surely has been a classic 60 years of "fame and success". Prayers are, that the next 60 years will be as abundant as the past ;) Malo lava. Am greatful to have been educated at SJC! Simply the best. May you continue to elate the lives of future students through your wisdom and teachings. TAUSISI I MEA AUPITO LELEI! Alofa'aga Jarrod Toluono Moors. (Current student at the university of Otago, Dunedin, NZ) SJC 2004-2006 (sadly left for NZ after yr 12 for higher education) (one of the top science students at SJC) House: Darnard Power
Belated Happy 60th Anniversary and big congratulation to our beloved SJC ...simply the best. Alofas from the Hunkin family in Christchurch.
Terence Hunkin, Christchurch, NZ (1989 - 1993) Darnard power!
Aloha and congratulations to Saint Joseph's College its epic adventure of 60 years. SJC will always be my home away from home. The memories that were created and relationships that were forged will always be dear to every person who was blessed to call SJC their home. May the next 60 years be as fruitful as the past 60 years. I am proud to be of SJC.
Chuck Atoa, Honolulu, Hawaii, (House:Dieter), Dux of 2001
damienKia Ora and congratulation to my beloved St Joseph's College for yet achieving another milestone. Happy 60th anniversary St Joseph and the Marist Old Boys Association. I am grateful and honoured for what ive learned from this school for 5 years of my life and as Lemamea always say, "I AM STILL SITTING ON MY PRIDE". Always remember our motto "TAUSISI I MEA AUPITO LELEI".
Damien Vaisagote, Wellington NZ, SJC 2001-2005, (House: Alfred - GREEN MACHINE)
alexToleafoaIa aumai se faamanuiaga se tasi ua aulia mai lou 60 tausaga sagato Iosefo hip!hip! eeee,SJC (x4)upu na ole pese ele galo si ou laumua e pele ile agaga manuia tele le 60 tausaga ua aulia mai amuia se outou o loo iai i lena faamoemoe aemaise agaga o nai felela ma tama ma teine tuia ua fai i lagi folauga,talosia ia maea le aso atofaina e leai se tala vale faalogoina alofaaga.
Aleki Toleafoa ma le aiga Melbourne, Australia. SJC 1988 - 1991 (House:Dieter) Manatua le moto "TAUSISI MEA AUPITO LELEI" aua ale tita matou e le maua outou GO DIETER!!!!!!
desTauatiMalo e lelei & Congratulations Saint Joseph's College and the Marist Old Boys Association for another great accomplishment. Happy 60 years anniversary and many more to come. Faamanuiaga & Alofaaga Desmond D Tauati & family (PFIL- Nuku'alofa, TONGA) SJC 1994-1997 (House : Go Blue Go Marcellin)
Wishing u my College a best annivesary tommorow.. SJC the Best college that i had ever know and its always the best in my heart... so much to say but dont know how to say.. Its hard to forget the times that I used to represent our name SJC in both sports and academically. but never to forget our yearly fight with our rivaly school since i started from year 2002 - 2005..hahaha what a school to fight for.. neways that was the past... for our currently students attending the school at the moment, please stay away from trouble. wish you all the best. SJC simply the Best..
Best Regards, SJC 2002 - 2005 (House: Marcellin Taumafai) haha! Quentin Tusa (NUS)
“May the roads rise up to meet us
May the winds be always at our backs
May the sun shine warmly on our faces
May the rains fall gently on our fields
Until the day we meet again
May the Lord have you at the palm of His Hand”
Let us continue this rich legacy
An endeavour of 60 years.
Alfred Matatia Schweinsteiger (House:Darnard Digicel Segavao Power)
benHAPPY 60TH ANNIVERSARY SJC AND TO THE MARIST OLD BOYS ASSOCIATION. I am grateful and forever indebted to you for all that i have learned. No matter where I may be in this life I will always have pride for my school St Joseph's College. May SJC continue to shine on and may its '''MARIST SPIRIT' LIVE ON" for more generations to come. All the Best for the celebrations and many more to come. Benjamin Ah Vui American Samoa, Pago Pago
SJC 1998 - 2002 (House : Darnard....KAGAKA POWER...)
dillonBig Fa'amalo and Congratulations to our Beloved St. Joseph's College on achieving 60 years of fame and success! =) Pray that you continue to shine, not only in the lives of our people in Samoa, but also in NZ, USA, Aust and other parts of the world. I will never forget SJC and the "Sipili fa'a Malisi". Continue to "Strive for the VERY best!" All the best with the Celebrations! Alofas from Dillon Jadrien Samu Misa (SJC 2005-2007) House: Darnard-We're Simply the Best! Prefect, 2nd to Dux, Top Arts Student 2007
Happy 60th Anniversary St. Joseph’s College. Ia faamanuia le Atua i le faamanatuina o le 60 tausaga o si a tatou Kolisi o Sagato Iosefo. Congratulations to ALL for putting this event together to commemorate yet another milestone in our School. Gods blessings be upon all during the celebration. TAUSISI I MEA AUPITO LELEI.
Aukusitino Siaosi Victor 1987 – 1990 Dieter New Zealand
Ia faamanuia le Atua i le faamanatuina o le 60 tausaga o le Kolisi Sagato Iosefo. Faafetai i lona alofa ua aulia ai e le Kolisi lenei 60 tausaga o aoaoga i Samoa. O le tatalo ia saga faamanuia lana Afio i le Kolisi aemaise i latou uma sa aoaoina ma i latou foi o foufou e agai atu ina ia tumau pea le Agaga tausisi i mea aupito silisili ona lelei. Faamanuia foi i le Mafutaga 4SJC88 (Form Four SJC 1988). Faamalo le agaga aoga. Faamalo le faamaopoopo. Faamalo le tausisi i mea lelei. Manuia le 60 tausaga Sagato Iosefo. Mafutaga 4SJC88 NZ
rayA very BIG faamalo and congratulations on yet another MASSIVE milestone to our beloved St. Josephs College. You have served Samoa well and I am sure you will continue to do so for the next 60 years and beyond. You continue to set the standards in academic and sporting fields as well as politics and businesses not only in Samoa but throughout the world over. All the best with the preparations and celebrations and remember to always "TAUSISI I MEA AUPITO LELEI" Ray Reupena Pogi (House:Dieter) SJC 1990-1993. Brisbane, Australia
Ia faamanuia le Atua i le faamanatuina o le 60 tausaga o le Kolisi Sagato Iosefo. Faafetai i lona alofa ua aulia ai e le Kolisi lenei 60 tausaga o aoaoga i Samoa. O le tatalo ia saga faamanuia lana Afio i le Kolisi aemaise i latou uma sa aoaoina ma i latou foi o foufou e agai atu ina ia tumau pea le Agaga tausisi i mea aupito silisili ona lelei. Faamanuia foi i le Mafutaga 4SJC88 (Form Four SJC 1988). Faamalo le agaga aoga. Faamalo le faamaopoopo. Faamalo le tausisi i mea lelei. Manuia le 60 tausaga Sagato Iosefo.Mafutaga 4SJC88 NZ
Ia manuia lou 60 tausaga SAGATO IOSEFO faamanuia pea le Atua I fuafuaga ma faamoemoega ole a taumafai atu iai aua lava le lumanai lelei atili ole tatou aoga! Alofaaga mai New Zealand . Iuta Petelo SJC 1986-1989 fai CHEERUPS! NZ. Vaoita Petelo-Lesatele SJC 2001 (Samoa) Victoria Petelo Prefect SJC 2003 :-) God bless the BEST SCHOOL EVER!
Kiorana from Aotearoa NZ. would like to wish a Happy 60th anniversary to my dearest St Josephs College. St Joseph e le mafai g galo oe i le loto ma le agaga ia saga maua pea gi alo ta'utaua o Samoa i taaloga mai i le tatou aoga. Best wishes from Allen Paulo Tomasi SJC 1992-1996 (House:Darnard)
Kioda from the long white clouds NZ. Ia manuia tele le atoaga nei o lou 60 tausaga St Josephs College e le mafai ona galo oe i le agaga faafetai mo tausaga sa aoaoina ai a'u i lou laumua ia manuia tele lou aso fanau.

Moomooga alofa mai ia Montini Ponifasio Paulo from Wellington NZ. SJC 2004-2006 (House:Marcellin)
fraserLeavasa Faamanuiaga mo le 60 Tausaga o si ou Laumua pele ia Sagato Iosefo. Faafetai mo mea uma e le galo pea oe i le agaga ia manuia le 60 tausaga. Fraser Leavasa- Sydney Aus. SJC 1993-1998 (Housee: Darnard Power)

Kiora from New Zealand would like to wish St Josephs college a happy happy 60th anniversary as the motto says "TAUSISI I MEA AUPITO LELEI" keep on that motto boys and girls best wishes from
Letisia Tomasi-Malu (SJC 1996) House: Dieter
Ia manuia tele lava le atoaga o le 60 Tausaga o le Laumua o Sagato Iosefo,alofa pea le Atua ia maua pea ni alo ma ni fanau manuia o Samoa mai i lo tatou laumua pele aua tatou aiga peleina ma sio tatou atunuu peleina o Samoa.Alofaaga mai i le Univesite o Aukilani.
Tulele Mikaele Masoe, SJC 2000-2001 (House:Alfred),Auckland,NZ
CONGRATULATIONS Saint Josephs College and to the Marist Old Boys Association for achieving another testimonial achievement. HAPPY 60th JUBILEE TO ALL!

SJC 2001 & 2002 (House - Darnard)
Bonjour from Brussels. Many congratulations for achieving another historical milestone. Happy 60th Jubilee St Joseph’s College!!

SJC 1995 (House: Dieter)
johnTagiilima Ni Sa Bula, Best wishes to SJCs 60th anniversary, You have contributed tremendously in sports and academics not only in Samoa but the Region . "Strive for Excellence" ma faamuamua le Atua i mea uma. Alofaaga ma faamanuiaga.
Ioane Tagiilima male Aiga SOPAC-SUVA, FIJI
SJC 1994 - 1997 (House:Darnard Overall Winner 94-97 and forever)
netiSkelton Wish St Joseph's College - Happy 60year anniversary. I left our school 21years ago but you are still in my heart. You taught me & make me the man i am now. Manuia le faamanatuina o lou 60 tausaga St Joseph's College. E le galo oe i lou agaga. Aloha from Hawaii. Faafetai Lava
Neti Skelton, Hawaii
SJC Year 1986-1989 (House: Dieter)
maurieFaasavalu Faamanuiaga mo le faamanatuina o le 60 tausaga o le laumua peleina o Sagato Iosefo.Faafetai mo aoaoga lelei ua matou manuia ai. Ia alofagia e le Atua fuafuaga fai o le laumua i taimi nei ma le lumanai. Alofaaga mai ia Maurie Tovia Faasavalu ma le aiga i St Helens i England.
Maurie Tovia Faasavalu - St Helens England. SJC Year 1993-1998 (House: Alfred Malosi)
georgeStowersBest wishes and congratulations for the celebration of St Joseph's College 60 Years Jubilee!
Manatua pea le tatou motto: "TAUSISI I MEA AUPITO LELEI"
Alofaaga ma mo'omo'oga mo Tama Tuai uma a Malisi Sagato Iosefo.

George Stowers - London, United Kingdom.
SJC Year 1993-1996 (House: Alfred)
Happy 60 years SJC. Tausisi i mea aupito lelei. Attached is a picture of me and my wife at our squadron ball.

Iona Robert - Station at Schofield Barracks Hawaii and is currently deployed with 2-14 CAV of the 2nd SAAB 25th Infantry Division.
SJC Year 1995-1996 (9-3) and (10-6).
vSchimdt Faamanuia atu Le Atua i le faamanatuina o lou 60 tausaga Sagato Iosefo, e le galo oe lou laumua pele. Alofaaga ma faamanuiaga mo lou laumua pele ma le au malosi a le Dieter Vincent Schmidt (Vienna, Austria)
SJC Year 1991 (House:Dieter)
LeitualaJoe Happy 60th Anniversary St. Joseph’s College, Alafua and Congratulations to the Marist Brothers’ Old Boys Association for another monumental achievement.

Leituala Joseph CHAN TING & Family, Brussels - BELGIUM
SJC Year 1991-1995 (House: Alfred)
Dan&Don Happy 60th Anniversary to my beloved Saint Joseph's College! It has been 15 years since my brother Don (RIP) and I attended SJC and I cherish the memories of our short years there together. I know that wherever life takes me, I will always have pride and love for Saint Joseph's College. Manuia le 60 tausaga mo la'u laumua pele!
Aloha from Hawaii!
Dan Asuao SJC 1995-1997
Don Asuao (RIP) SJC 1995-1998